Sjoberg Tool in the News

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New Additions Sjoberg Tool has purchased a few additional machines to meet the demand of our changing workload. One machine is being added to our folding department while the other will go in our specialized cell.  MORE



20th American Cancer Society Lunch ark Loehrer is an employee of Sjoberg Tool and cancer survivor. For the past twenty years, Mark has coordinated a lunch for employees in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. MORE



Hard Work Pays Off!!! We are thrilled to announce the promotion of our industrial engineer here at Sjoberg Tool!  MORE



Supervisor of 30 years retires Mr. Richard Bright has decided to retire with his wife Shirley after 30 years here at Sjoberg Tool. MORE



2018 Bell Awards Sjoberg Tool was working with Trefoil group to renovate our online presence. One of the projects was re-creating our website to modernize and appeal to the current technology that was out there. The efforts did not go unrecognized, as Sjoberg Tool walked away with two separate awards from the project; one for, "website under 25,000$" and the other for "original photography". The bell awards recognize those who've seamlessly melded commerce with art, strategy, brilliance, and creativity with results.  MORE



MSOE Senior Design Project Sjoberg Tool had the opportunity to work with a group of MSOE Seniors, Maan Abdulaal, and Alexander Vandergriff, on their recently completed senior design project. The project focus was to see how the South Facility could be better utilized for Sjoberg. After 6 months of hard work, the team recently presented their findings to Sjoberg on Feb 22, 2018. MORE



New Machine – Milltronics VM 6030IL  This is Sjoberg's first 4th axis machine & allows more capabilities for us & our clients. In addition, this machine has faster cycle times. MORE



Milwaukee Business News – Hartland Metal Fabricator Expanding Sjoberg Tool purchased a new warehouse in Hartland. The company has been expanding and needed the additional warehouse space. The new warehouse is located at 620 Cardinal Lane in Hartland. MORE



Milwaukee School of Engineering: Industrial Engineering Senior Design Project Sjoberg Tool had the opportunity to work with a group of students from MSOE (Andrew Anderson, Dakota Breuer, Danielle Walsh) for their senior design project. MORE



Mazak Optonics: New 6K Fiber Laser Sjoberg Tool recently purchased a 6k fiber laser from Mazak. This state-of-the-art machinery is just one of our latest additions, allowing us to easily clean cut through 5/8" aluminum. MORE