Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics Services

Delivering Parts and Components On Time, Every Time

At Sjoberg Tool, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of quality throughout the entirety of each project we take on. This extends beyond the production floor, to packing and transport, where we take great care to package and ship the parts we’ve produced. Our in-house shipping and logistics teams are dedicated to efficiently and effectively shipping our products to ensure our clients can maintain or exceed their own production schedules.

Sjoberg Working Shipping & Logistics Services

Shipping & Logistic Services to Meet Your Needs

Meeting client specifications for the parts and components we develop is only one piece of the puzzle. Many times, the products we develop are highly customized to meet tight tolerances and requirements of our clients and we want to ensure that these products arrive to our clients’ facilities intact and ready for further production. That’s why we include shipping and logistics services in-house – to make sure we have control over the way client parts and components are packaged and shipped. This allows us to protect the integrity of the parts and components we develop, from concept, through completion and application.

Our Shipping & Logistic Services Include:

Logistical Support at Sjoberg Tool

Logistical Support

Our in-house production teams carefully monitor production schedules and part and component deliverables to ensure we deliver the exact number of pieces our clients need, exactly when they need them. From repeatable orders to inventory management, we’ve got the technology and experience to help our clients meet their production needs head on.

Sjoberg Tool's Customized Shipment Packaging

Customized Shipment Packaging

Properly prepping and packing parts and components is essential when it comes to safely transporting our client products. Our in-house shipping and logistics team identify the best method to protect the parts we produce and carefully package them using protective plastic wrap, shipping boxes, and pallets to ensure safe delivery.

Sjoberg Tool Shipping Fleet Semi Truck At Docking Bay

A Robust Shipping Fleet

We maintain a fleet of six large-scale shipping vehicles right at our facilities in Hartland, WI to ensure we have the capacity to deliver client products whenever needed. Because our shipping fleet is on-site, we can effectively move product to meet tight deadlines.

Sjoberg Worker In Front Of Shipping Fleet

A Team of Dedicated Drivers

Sjoberg Tool is home to a team of reliable, honest, and safe transport drivers. Our product delivery teams take safety very seriously and approach time on the road with the same respect and integrity that our production teams bring to the parts and components we produce.

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Whether you’re looking for a fabrication partner for commercial, industrial, or residential-based products, we have the skills, experience, equipment, and capacity to help get your product to market faster. Connect with our expert team to see how we can help you maximize your production potential!

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