In-House Welding

Robotic, Manual, and Spot Welding for OEM Parts & Components

Sjoberg Tool has been providing clean, accurate, and reliable welding services to clients throughout the Midwest since 2007. With a state-of-the-art welding department, master welders, and advanced robotics, we can meet even the most complex welding needs.

Sjoberg Tool In-House Welding

Welding Services to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to customizable welding services, Sjoberg Tool is your partner of choice. With decades of experience welding parts and components for OEMs serving industrial, commercial, and residential markets, we have the procedures, trained welders, and technology to meet even the most demanding standards.

Our Welding Services Include:

Sjoberg Tool Robotic Welding Arm Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding

Using state-of-the-art technology, our welding teams are able to automate many welding processes to ensure even greater precision, accuracy, and clean application. This is especially important for repeatable parts and components, as we can ensure each piece we weld meets the same level of quality, every time. Using robotic welding, we can help improve your overall production by providing quicker turnaround and minimizing waste while ensuring the safety of our team. Experience higher productivity and more reliable accuracy with Sjoberg Tool!

Panasonic PerformArc 212s Robotic Welder

Two (2) Panasonic PerformArc 1100SS Robotic Welder

Panasonic PerformArc PA-1100HW Robotic Welder

Manual Welding Manual Welding hover

Manual Welding

Sjoberg Tool is home to a complete roster of accomplished welders with diverse experience working on intricate projects. Our nimble, flexible, adaptable manual welding team focuses on quality for each and every part that passes through their department. Our manual welding services are perfect for prototyping, low production needs, and particularly short or intricate welding projects.

Two (2) Miller MIG Welder Model XMT 304

Three (3) Miller MIG Welder Model Delta Weld 452

Two (2) Miller TIG Welder Model Dynasty 280

Two (2) Miller TIG Welder Model Dynasty 400

Fronius IWave AC/DC 400 welder

HyperTherm Power Max 45XP plasma cutter

Two (2) Lincoln Power Mig welders

Three (3) Weld positioners

Miller TIG Welder Model Dynasty 350 DX

Miller Aluminum MIG Welder Model Aluma Power 350 MPa

Welding Services with Robotic Arm
Spot Welding Spot Welding Hover

Spot Welding

Our spot welding services are perfect for high volume manufacturing as we can automate these processes to ensure accurate and precise application for repeatable parts and components. Our spot welding services are the fastest, most efficient way to permanently join two pieces of metal in one or more spots on the part, making them an integral service for more complex projects.

Spotwelders from 35 KVA to 100 KVA

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Whether you’re looking for a fabrication partner for commercial, industrial, or residential-based products, we have the skills, experience, equipment, and capacity to help get your product to market faster. Connect with our expert team to see how we can help you maximize your production potential!

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