Quality Control

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Quality Control

Ensuring the Integrity and Reliability of Every Part We Produce

When it comes to quality, Sjoberg Tool is second to none. We’ve built quality into every step of our manufacturing and fabrication process, from the first request for quote, all the way through a new launch process designed to ensure successful first and future production runs, to shipping and logistics. In fact, each member of the Sjoberg team keeps quality at the forefront of their operations, monitoring their own part of the production process, to ensure quality from the start. From inspecting raw materials and fully engaging with parts in production, to our cutting-edge quality control department, we work hard to ensure every part and component that leaves our facilities meets the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our Expert Quality Technicians

At Sjoberg Tool, we run a robust quality control department, staffed with expert Quality Technicians, dedicated to vetting the integrity and reliability of the parts and components we produce for our OEM partners. Each of our quality experts are well-versed in reading and interpreting blueprints, work orders, engineering specifications, and routing sheets to efficiently and accurately determine production processes and tolerance limits to set each of our projects up for success.

Our Quality Technicians:

  • Perform first piece inspection to verify success in meeting client needs
  • Continuously inspect parts and components during production
  • Review finished parts and components to ensure adherence to specifications
  • Skillfully use cutting edge technology to inspect parts and components
  • Create PPAP submissions to automotive industry standards
  • Quickly identify issues in production and work with production specialists to implement corrective action
  • Assist in reducing process variation
Sjoberg Tool worker using Romer Absolute Arm to work on metal parts

Our Cutting-Edge Inspection and Quality Control Equipment

At Sjoberg Tool, we have a dedicated quality department that houses a wide range of advanced quality control equipment. Our skilled quality experts use this technology to inspect and assess the parts and components we produce for our OEM partners, to ensure they adhere to their unique specifications.

Our Quality Control Equipment Includes:
Sjoberg tool Virtek AFM 1200 Laser QC Scanning System

Virtek AFM 1200 Laser QC Scanning System

This rapid inspection system uses advanced lasers to measure the accuracy of of our two-dimensional parts and components within 0.05 mm, and our three-dimensional parts and components within 0.25mm, ensuring we can meet the tightest of tolerances whenever needed. Using this system, our quality experts can identify any quality issues quickly to reduce scrap and rework time while improving profitability.

Romer Absolute Arm 7-Axis 7535SEI at Sjoberg Tool For Quality

Romer Absolute Arm 6-Axis 7535SEI

Our quality experts use this portable measuring arm to perform highly-accurate tactile measurements on parts and components of all sizes. This advanced metrology equipment is ideal to monitor repeatable parts and components to ensure compliance with our client requirements. The Romer Absolute Arm ensures we can evaluate and measure even the most complex parts and components.

Build Quality Into Every Aspect of Your Product with Sjoberg Tool

If you’re looking for a partner for commercial, industrial, or residential-based products, we have the skills, experience, equipment, and capacity to help get your product to market faster. Connect with our expert team to see how we can help you maximize your production potential!

Sjoberg tool worker ensuring quality on metal part