Unmatched Experience and Innovation

We’ve been performing quality folding services for over 25 years, and we continue improving processes to keep pace with changing demands. At Sjoberg, we continually reinvest in new technologies to provide precision thin-gauge folding services that are difficult to perform on slower press brakes. This machinery speeds up production while providing a higher-quality product to our customers in the commercial freezer and cooler market.

Leading-Edge Technology

Schroder PowerBend Professional bi-directional folding machine - 13.25'

  • Fasti Folding Machine 13.25′
  • Schroder SPB Evolution Bi-directional Folding Machine – 13.25′
  • Schroder PowerBend Professional Bi-Directional Folding Machine – 13.25′
  • Schroder PBU Bi-Directional Folding Machine – 13.25′
  • Fasti Folding Machine 10′
  • Roper Whitney Autobrake 1014E2 – 10′